Conficker updates

Everyone seems to be doing daily or hourly updates on the Conficker worm.  Even if it’s only action on April 1 is to start looking at 500 domains instead of 250 (as it does now), it’s still the biggest thing happening in the Cyber World right now. 

It’s not doom-and-gloom.  It boils down to simple laws. If you’re not still hanging onto that old Windows 95 or Windows 98 computer (or ME for that matter)—although they are still very good operating systems, or you have a legitimate copy of Windows with all of the updates as they’re released, and as long as you have your antivirus updated then you SHOULD be ok.  In your case, just be diligent and watch things like where you surf and strange things like Task Manager not working (or Windows Update not working).

If you are running older versions of Windows, or you’re one of the people who want something for free (or just like having the latest and greatest even if it’s not released yet), then you do need to worry.  Chances are good that Microsoft didn’t allow you to get the MS08-067 update because either a) your OS isn’t supported or b) you are running a pirated version.  In this case, you’re vulnerable to the worm.  Your only hope is to either find a standalone installer of the patch, or make sure your antivirus is updated. 

Everyone will have their opinions about what’s going to happen (if anything) on Wednesday.  But, this should become a wake up call for a lot of people.  Even if Conficker is a dud, you’re playing Russian Roulette with more than one bullet in the cylinder.  It may not be Conficker, but eventually something is going to get you.  So if you’re running older versions of Windows, it’s time to upgrade.  If you’re running illegal copies of Windows, it’s time to either pay up or switch to Linux.

As much as people hate the idea, Microsoft is not required to assist people running older versions of Windows, nor are they required to assist pirates.  And with Windows 7 coming out soon, there’s no excuse to not be ready to upgrade. 

Keep checking back.  I’ll have more information later on this afternoon or tomorrow morning—as I get it, you’ll get it.

Have a great day:)


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