Choosing your password (.pdf) from Securing Your E-City.

 Choosing Your Password (pdf file) from Securing Your E-city.

There have been multiple stories written in the past few days about hacking attempts.  They range from drones that fight in the wars to Twitter being overtaken by the “Iranian Cyber Army” last night.  While the attacks are different, they share a common theme:  the attacks were carried out because of weak passwords.

This also brings up the age-old advice about choosing strong passwords.  I came across this pdf file, thanks to ESET’s Twitter account.  The pdf file contains suggestions for what NOT to use as passwords, and how to create good (read strong) passwords.  Of course, you’re going to be somewhat limited by the allowances of the system.  But, you should still be able to create a stronger password.

This holds true especially if you accessed Twitter last night, during the compromise.  Some reporters are saying that if you used a browser or any application that logs you in via HTTP (Port 80), there’s a good chance that your login information was given to the Iranian Cyber Army.  Which means that any account which uses the same login information is now vulnerable.

So, in short, change your passwords to something stronger.  And make sure you are not using the same password on multiple accounts.

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