Windows 7

Today’s look at Windows 7 is about Libraries.  If you’ve seen Windows Home Server, then you have an idea of what Libraries are.  In Windows Home Server, the system takes all of your hard disks (aside from the “System” disk) and incorporates them into one giant storage.  You don’t have […]

Windows 7 Features – Libraries

This is an overview of Windows 7, including some of the dislikes and the features that Microsoft is offering. The public beta is in it’s last days for right now. Within the next day or two, you won’t be able to start downloading it, and by February 12, you won’t […]

Windows 7 Overview podcast

Just a post to let you know that Microsoft has released Windows 7 as a Public Beta.  I’ll be posting on my usage of it and the features that I discover. As of today, I’ve been using it almost totally exclusively on my laptop (Toshiba Satellite A105-S2194 from Wal-Mart).  And […]

Windows 7 is out and about…