Hi everyone,It’s official. Microsoft has released Windows Vista Beta 2 as a public beta. You can download it (and check to see if your computer meets their minimum requirements) at http://www.microsoft.com/windowsvista/.Here are some other links, so you can check to see if your Video card (or integrated video) will support […]

Windows Vista goes Public.

Hi everyone, As I mentioned in the last post, here is what MSN Chats look like in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 (in Windows Vista with glass running). Something to note about IE is that currently the “Java” version (from sun at http://www.java.com) isn’t “Glass compatible”. So, if you go […]

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 in Glass

Hi there everyone,As I promised a week or so ago, I’ll be providing you with some of the highlights of Windows Vista and Office 2007. So, here we go…The four snapshots that I’m showing here are the “Glass” effects. For those who don’t know, “Glass” is the 3-D and transparencies […]

Some Windows Vista Snapshots

My first blog in Office 2007 Beta 2…. Hello everyone, As I mentioned in yesterday’s article, Microsoft has released their Beta 2 versions for both Windows Vista and Office 2007. Here is an example of one of the features that you’ll find in the Word 2007 version: the embedded ability […]

My First Blog in Office 2007 Beta 2

Hi everyone, This week, Microsoft released the “Beta 2” versions for both Windows Vista and Office 2007. Office is a public beta now, and Vista will more then likely become one soon (you can subscribe to it at Microsoft’s TechNet Site). What does this mean to you? It means you […]

The latest word in Microsoft Betas

Open-source bug hunt results posted The results are in. Coverity performed bug testing on 30 of the most popular Open Source programs, and have compiled their results. This study was done for the Department of Homeland Security. The results? The most bugs per 1,000 lines of code was in AMANDA […]

Open-source bug hunt results posted

I’m posting a link to an older article (from around January 2006) which shows you how to add “snort signatures” to your Kerio Firewall. The article is referencing the WMF vulnerability that was going on then, but the information is valid for any snort signatures that you may have. Also, […]

For Sunbelt-Kerio Firewall Users

Hi everyone,It’s been a busy year for me. Between working, taking classes (and tutoring other students), and beta testing software, I haven’t had the time to blog here like I want to. I am thinking about making a couple of changes that would increase the number of posts here. But, […]

It’s been a busy year…