Well, I’ve found something with the University of Phoenix that I’m not too happy about as far as Chrome goes.  I noticed this the last few days, but didn’t think much of it.. Until tonight.  When I post in the forums and download them into a newsreader, Chrome’s rendering of […]

Google Chrome (Part 2)

Hi everyone,     Last week, Google decided to enter the browser wars with their “Chrome” browser.  Two of it’s biggest claims are the “Sandbox” feature (which improves security) and it’s ability to not crash if one tab crashes or becomes unresponsive.   Within a couple of days, I downloaded it and […]

Google Chrome Web Browser (Part 1)

Hi everyone,      This is one of my few non-tech blog posts.  Yesterday (July 25) the world lost one of it’s great men.  Randy Pausch, a professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.  He was 47, and left behind a wife, three children, and […]

Loss of a Great Man….