Just a quick post to tell you that I’m looking for things to discuss.  I’m debating about more information about the MS08-67 worms, or new malware out today.  I’m also considering discussing Master Data Management and Data management-related topics. Let me know if you have any thoughts about these subjects […]

Just a quick post for the day

This is going to be one of a few non-computer topics and hopefully the only political topic that I post on. I watched the Election coverage tonight, and watched President-elect Barack Obama’s victory speech with great anticipation. There will be different opinions on what the most poignant and powerful part […]

We have a new President….

You’ll probably notice the two sets of Code Amber Codes.  Hopefully when you see them, they’re white with orange and blue text.  If they have a yellow background, it means there is an Amber Alert in progress.  The top ticker is for the United States, and the bottom ticker is […]

CodeAmber codes added

My next series of topics will be about “Green Computing” or environmentally friendly computing. While most people are aware of the “Energy Star” rating system for their computers and other appliances, I’m going to delve into other aspects of the Green Computing concept.  I may also delve into some of […]

Environmentally friendly computing