My next series of topics will be about “Green Computing” or environmentally friendly computing. While most people are aware of the “Energy Star” rating system for their computers and other appliances, I’m going to delve into other aspects of the Green Computing concept.  I may also delve into some of […]

Environmentally friendly computing

There are two main classes of firewalls.  These are Personal and Enterprise.  Typically the Personal classes will consist of software-based firewalls, and the Enterprise class will be hardware-based or part of an Enterprise (or Professional) Security Suite.  The tip that I mentioned in Sunday’s post refers to a Wikipedia article […]

Firewall Comparisons

I’m just touching base here, to say that I’m researching other ideas to discuss and working on some online course work.  So, I thought I’d bring that into the mix. I’m currently attending the University of Phoenix Online, working towards my BS in Software Engineering and MS in Network Security […]

Online classes and opinions

Alright, so I’ve talked about Password Safe and KeyWallet.  Now I’m going to review Whisper 32.  This program seems more like the Password Manager inside of Firefox than anything else.  It’s a very basic format, where it shows the Service name (myspace for example), then the username, and finally the […]

Password Manager Reviews—Whisper 32

Yesterday I did a review of Password Safe, and today I’m going to talk about KeyWallet.  KeyWallet is similar to Password Safe in that it locks the data file, and hides your passwords.  But, those are about the only similarities. With KeyWallet, the username and password are stored in a […]

Password Manager Reviews—KeyWallet

I was just browsing through some security-related blogs, and came across this posting on Security Tips & Talk.  They’re talking about the ease in which Governor Palin’s e-mail address was hacked, and how it affects you and me. Here’s the problem…  Sites are using “information that’s only known to you” […]

How secure is that password you have?