Over the next three months or so, I’m going to be migrating my blog to two other sites as well as this one.  The first one is at http://wordpress.com and is just a placeholder, so I can import to my permanent home.  The other one will be a WordPress host, […]

Migrating my Blog

While not as quick and painless in setting up as Mozy was, iDrive appears to be a robust backup system as well.  It offers the option of Continuous Backup, which will continually update 50MB of data that you select. The setup was a little different than Mozy in that you […]

Online Backups – iDrive

This is a continuation of my post about the cyber attack on Morgan Hill, CA.  In that post, I mentioned how the “ham” radio operators helped out, and suggested that people either get their license, get a CB radio, or befriend someone who has one.  I want to discuss part […]

Shortwave Radios

 VRT: Updating Software This is a short blog post from the VRT team at Sourcefire.  It’s mainly about updating software on a *nix system (or mac) but can easily be modified to work on Windows. The post boils down to the following items if you’re installing on Windows (although you […]

VRT: Updating Software