This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Computer Security Made SimpleIn the past month or so, the topic of Ransomware has come up repeatedly in the news. And not just on the Tech-related sites, but the national and local news. With entire hospitals, universities, corporations, and even […]

Ransomware: What is it, and how do you defend yourself ...

Over the next three months or so, I’m going to be migrating my blog to two other sites as well as this one.  The first one is at http://wordpress.com and is just a placeholder, so I can import to my permanent home.  The other one will be a WordPress host, […]

Migrating my Blog

While not as quick and painless in setting up as Mozy was, iDrive appears to be a robust backup system as well.  It offers the option of Continuous Backup, which will continually update 50MB of data that you select. The setup was a little different than Mozy in that you […]

Online Backups – iDrive

This is a continuation of my post about the cyber attack on Morgan Hill, CA.  In that post, I mentioned how the “ham” radio operators helped out, and suggested that people either get their license, get a CB radio, or befriend someone who has one.  I want to discuss part […]

Shortwave Radios