Well, I got Tracks working for the most part. The only limitation that I have is that I can’t send tasks via email/sms to it (because I don’t have a MX Record for my server). It turned out that I was sending my tasks on a daily basis–but they were […]

An Update on Tracks

I’ve set up a “Tracks” server ( for the system and for the actual virtual machine with the system pre-configured) in order to try and organize my time better. So far, it seems to be alright–except for the fact that the mail capabilities are not set up by default. […]

Time Management and GetOnTracks

Brief 617 | Quickies No, this is not a sexual-related blog post.  This is a video clip of a speech that Cali Lewis did in Las Vegas about “Quickies” which is a productivity tool that was developed by Pranav Mistry from MIT.  It basically takes Post-It notes and integrates them […]

Brief 617 | Quickies

I’ve been reading a lot of information on Productivity501 including the articles that I’ve posted about previously.  One of the ways that I’m reorganizing is that I’m using a desktop application to combine my e-mail, newsreader, RSS reader, notes and tasks in one.  It’s not a replacement for my Franklin […]

Moving Towards a More Productive Lifestyle

 Paperless Infrastructure : Productivity501 This is a good concept article.  They discuss the idea of a completely paperless infrastructure.  It includes the idea that your bank or other business would send you the information through e-mail or through a desktop application (like a document channel), instead of sending you links […]

Paperless Infrastructure : Productivity501

For my Computer course at the University of Phoenix, we created our top 5 applications for the year.  Part of the requirements were that we had to justify them.  I’m presenting my list here, along with a request for other people’s lists.  As new applications are pointed out to me, […]

My list of Top Applications for 2008