Blogging and Applications

I’m testing out some new blogging tools. When I reformatted my system, I lost the two tools that I had installed. So, I’m finding one that suits me. One problem that I had was that one of the two tools ran everything together as one giant paragraph. So, I’ll have […]

Testing blogging tools.

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog. In that time, I’ve switched my computers around a bit. And I’ve gone almost 100% Windows free. I still have a couple of virtual machines running Windows Vista and XP. My “home server” is running Fedora 14 (Amahi Home […]

Restarting the Blog.

  I made a change in things around the house last week. I decided to convert my Windows 7 computer into a virtual machine (through VMWare) and run Kubuntu Linux for the physical machine. This was in part because Windows 7 kept acting up, and irritating me, and in part […]

The switch.