Brief 617 | Quickies

Brief 617 | Quickies

No, this is not a sexual-related blog post.  This is a video clip of a speech that Cali Lewis did in Las Vegas about “Quickies” which is a productivity tool that was developed by Pranav Mistry from MIT.  It basically takes Post-It notes and integrates them into the computer.  If you write an appointment down, it automatically adds that to your calendar.  If you write a note to someone, it texts them (or sends an e-mail to them) with the contents of the note.

You can even use it to locate items later on through RFID tags that are attached to the Post-it notes. 

This is definitely something that people who live and die by Post-It’s could use.  And it’s a definite productivity booster in my opinion.  The only problem is, you can’t buy this on the market.  Although hopefully Pranav will get permission and capital to market this product in the near future.  I know I’ll be buying one when he does.

Have a great day:)

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