My Personal version of the WMF Vulnerability FAQ… I’ve had some people ask me different questions about this new vulnerability. Some of them have been answered in other FAQ’s (, but others haven’t been answered. I’m going to do my best to answer the questions, however I strongly urge you […]

My Personal version of a WMF FAQ

Hey everyone, This is a post highlighting some of the things I’ve discovered this past weekend. I found a few programs that will accomplish my goal of ripping MY CD’s into mp3’s for my computer. K3b (KDE’s ripper), Grip (Gnome’s ripper) and RipperX are just a few of them. In […]

The adventure continues (Days 3-5)

Well, I woke up today, with an error and a dilemma. Last night, I installed Apache webserver. But, I couldn’t get it to see my site, and then I couldn’t get it to restart properly. So, I went to bed, thinking that I was going to have to live without […]

Day 2 with Xandros Linux

Hey everyone, I started my Linux experiment tonight. Currently, I’m writing this blog on Firefox, running on Xandros Linux (free-version). And, I have Kopete running, so I can keep in touch with my friends on MSN and Yahoo. So far, it’s been an interesting experience. I’ve learned a few things […]

The Linux Experiment has begun….

Hi there everyone, In the next few weeks (starting sometime in December), I’m going to experiment with Xandros Linux. There is a free version available that I’ve already installed on another hard drive. The main thing I’m waiting for is Kahuna (Hotmail’s new format) to be properly supported on Firefox. […]

Soon, an experiment in Linux.