Today’s look at Windows 7 is about Libraries.  If you’ve seen Windows Home Server, then you have an idea of what Libraries are.  In Windows Home Server, the system takes all of your hard disks (aside from the “System” disk) and incorporates them into one giant storage.  You don’t have […]

Windows 7 Features – Libraries

RedHat released their latest version of the Fedora Project’s Linux distro recently.  Release 11 comes in the typical Gnome desktop format and a KDE format for those who prefer it.  I like both Gnome and KDE, although I typically use KDE because it can be configured to look more like […]

Playing around with Fedora 11 KDE Edition

I’ve been reading a lot of information on Productivity501 including the articles that I’ve posted about previously.  One of the ways that I’m reorganizing is that I’m using a desktop application to combine my e-mail, newsreader, RSS reader, notes and tasks in one.  It’s not a replacement for my Franklin […]

Moving Towards a More Productive Lifestyle