BBC NEWS | Education | How schools can get free software

BBC NEWS | Education | How schools can get free software

This article in the BBC news shows exactly how Open Source combined with proprietary software works in a school system to cut costs in half. In fact, the school mentioned in the article plans to phase out Microsoft Windows completely in the future. Whether this happens or not, remains to be seen.

It would be encouraging to see school systems and other organizations inside of the United States trying this as well. I’m not a total advocate of completely eliminating so called ‘closed source’ products from the picture. But, where it’s more cost-effective to use the Open Source version, I think that’s the route organizations should take.

Just think…. States could lower their budget deficits, by switching to Open Source models for their systems. It probably wouldn’t be a tremendous lowering of their deficits, but I’m of the opinion that every little bit helps. And, the effects probably wouldn’t be immediate. But, they would be seen over the long-term. Simply becuase money that would have been spent paying for upgraded versions of Server and Desktop Operating Systems wouldn’t need to be used for that. So, it could be put to something more important.

I encourage people to read the article, and if they think that it’s something feasible, they should write their State Legislature and Governors about it. And do more research into both the costs of Open Source and ‘closed source’ programs.


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