Basic HTML

Everywhere you turn, you’re either seeing or using HTML.  It’s the formatting language that makes the web pages appear to you the way they are.  Much like the formats in Microsoft Word make your documents appear like they do.

I had the occasion to help a couple of people with their signatures on a forum that I’m a member of.  And I realized that the majority of the people there are using HTML (or BBCode as it’s called there), and have no clue what they’re even doing (or what it is).

So, I decided to make some simple posts about what HTML is and some basic commands/examples of it in action…

One thing that I need to point out immediately is that HTML uses < and > for it’s code.  You’d see something like <htmlexample> if you viewed the source of any webpage (including this blog).  However in order for the examples to appear, I’m going to us { and }.  I would use [ and ] except those are used in BBCode.  So, wherever I have a { or }, you’ll want to put a < or >.

How I will do this is I will create a fake HTML document, and break it down into what each line does.  Then, I will create a second document with some more advanced (yet still simple) codes to show another example.

Have a great day and Happy New Years:)


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