Patrick Dickey

  I made a change in things around the house last week. I decided to convert my Windows 7 computer into a virtual machine (through VMWare) and run Kubuntu Linux for the physical machine. This was in part because Windows 7 kept acting up, and irritating me, and in part […]

The switch.

I decided to do a series of videos on Kubuntu Linux, and publish them on YouTube.  I’ll cover topics like an overview, programs and features, installing programs, configuring the system, security and others. The first video is below.  It’s essentially a screenshare of my Kubuntu desktop inside of a virtual […]

I’m on YouTube… Sort of

This is just a short post to claim my blog for use in reviewing products and topics related to Information Technology.  As per their requirements, I have to add the following sentence to this post a dollar sign is the cheesiest Ironically enough, the sentence applies to the idea of […]

Claiming my blog

The time is up to renew my Office Live domain ( ) so I’m going to be migrating it, as well as this blog over to a BlueHost webhosting site in the next few weeks.  I will keep this site updated as well, for a few months—just to ease the […]

Moving the blog finally….