Patrick Dickey

Wow, it’s been a long time since I updated this blog. In that time, I’ve switched my computers around a bit. And I’ve gone almost 100% Windows free. I still have a couple of virtual machines running Windows Vista and XP. My “home server” is running Fedora 14 (Amahi Home […]

Restarting the Blog.

This series of posts will be based on the articles at PC Pro’s site. They offer a complete guide to Ubuntu, which is pretty good (although there are a couple of things that I would have stated differently). The series will start within the next week or so (no later […]

A Complete Guide to Ubuntu

Well, I got Tracks working for the most part. The only limitation that I have is that I can’t send tasks via email/sms to it (because I don’t have a MX Record for my server). It turned out that I was sending my tasks on a daily basis–but they were […]

An Update on Tracks

I’ve set up a “Tracks” server ( for the system and for the actual virtual machine with the system pre-configured) in order to try and organize my time better. So far, it seems to be alright–except for the fact that the mail capabilities are not set up by default. […]

Time Management and GetOnTracks