Patrick Dickey

Microsoft is expanding their pool of beta participants for the Customer Experience Validation Program and the MSN Beta Program. If you are already a MSN Butterfly there is no need to sign up for CEV or the MSN Beta Program since you are already enrolled. What is a Customer Experience […]

Become a Microsoft/MSN Beta Tester

In the past couple of weeks, a lot of information has been coming out about Sony/BMG’s use of a “rootkit” to hide their XCP Copy Protection programs on your computer.  In one of the online communities that I manage, I called for a boycott of all Sony/BMG products.  Here are some reasons […]

Boycott Sony/BMG

Hi everyone, This is a deal you can’t beat. Opera, one of the major alternative web browsers to Internet Explorer, is celebrating their 10-year Anniversary. And, they’re giving away registration codes for free. Normally, you have the option of text-based ads, graphical ads, or buying Opera for $19.95 in order […]

Opera 10 year anniversary deal.

Have you ever seen those e-mails and news messages that start out with “Begin Signed PGP Message”? Have you wondered what the big deal with those messages is, and what that phrase actually means? Have you wondered how you can get into that? And, to an extent, have you wondered […]

Signing and Encrypting messages