Another post along the lines of Microsoft Open-sourcing programs…

Hi everyone,

   I was thinking about this earlier and wanted to post about it as well.  Microsoft is making available the technical documentation for thousands of their programs.  I haven’t checked to see if this includes Outlook Connector or Hotmail/Windows Live at all, but I’d like to see that.

   I’ve been trying out Ubuntu Linux, and the main issue I have is that I can only download my Inbox from my Windows Live accounts.  This is through third party applications.  I would like to see either the Outlook Connector add-in or the API for the Windows Live that it uses be released.  That way, third party e-mail clients can once again access their accounts.

    Microsoft is already charging users to be able to access it via Outlook Connector (at least the Calendar features).  So, they have nothing to lose by opening it up for third party e-mail clients. 

    The concept that it will reduce SPAM is bogus, since it really hasn’t lowered the amount of SPAM coming from (or purporting that it comes from) Windows Live accounts.  And Microsoft is already making money on people wanting to utilize the calendar functions via Outlook.  So, it’s a win-win situation if they open the source or the API’s.

    Once again, any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

Have a great day everyone 🙂

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