An Update on Tracks 2

Well, I got Tracks working for the most part. The only limitation that I have is that I can’t send tasks via email/sms to it (because I don’t have a MX Record for my server). It turned out that I was sending my tasks on a daily basis–but they were going into my Spam “label” on gmail (and not being dowloaded in Thunderbird at all).

Something interesting that I discovered while troubleshooting this. If you send an email from a “residential” or dynamic IP to Yahoo and Hotmail, they both respond that they don’t accept emails from those types of addresses. Ironically enough, when I checked my Yahoo account, lo and behold, my test email was in my Spam folder. I marked it as “not spam” so only time will tell, whether that means that Yahoo will accept them or not. Hotmail/Live/MSN, however did not put the email in my bulk folder.

What this means for others is, if you’re on a dynamic IP (residential customers for example) then you need to either get a static IP address from your ISP, or use an email address OTHER than MSN/Hotmail/Live (and possibly Yahoo). Gmail is a good choice, since it does send the messages to your Spam folder (until you mark them as not spam at least).

One thing that would make Tracks perfect is if the “Export to” feature produced something that could be imported into Google’s Calendar (or even Thunderbird’s calendar). When I exported everything to an iCal, it failed to import. I’ll keep working on it though–but knowing that I receive my daily email does help.

In the future, I’ll post about how my time management is working out. As I mentioned before, I think that a combination of Tracks + Google Calendar or Tracks + FranklinCovey will ultimately be the solution.

Have a great day:)

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