Alternative energies and other ideas.

Hi everyone,

    I sent out an invitation to everyone in my address book, for the Pickens Plan.  I’ve had a couple of people join, and a couple ask me what it’s about.  So, I thought I’d put it here, and ask anyone who reads this if they have other ideas…

    In short, the Picken’s Plan is creating a network of Wind-generated power plants throughout the Great Plains.  This electricity will replace the 22% of our current electricity that comes from Natural Gas.  The Natural Gas, will then be used to fuel automobiles.  This should reduce our demand on oil (foreign oil specifically) by about 38%.

    The entire plan is meant to be a bridge until we can find sources of renewable energy (hydrogen, electricity, water, etc) to fuel our cars. 

    Personally, I think we’ll end up with a combination of Wind, Solar, and Geothermal or Hydroelectric power plants.  By creating this, we could potentially reduce the use of coal, as well as replace the Natural Gas. 

    As for our vehicles, we need to push Congress, auto manufacturers, and the other components manufacturers to find better ways for powering our cars.  Hydrogen is used in Greenland and Iceland.  Pure Ethanol is used in South America.  Hybrids are a good start, but they’re not enough.  We need all-electric cars. 

    We need to find ways to recharge the batteries in a quick time.  If we can get them charged in less than an hour, people will be more apt to buy them.  Also, we need to find ways to increase their range.  Right now, electric vehicles (EV) are good for short-range trips.  To work, and school; or shopping for groceries in your local town.  We need to get their range out farther.

    Another source of charging could be something from a Role-playing game that I used to play (Gamma World).  They used “Broadcast electricity” to power everything from lights, to stoves, to weapons.  In the real-world, broadcast electricity could be used to keep our vehicles powered while we’re driving down the road.  This could be accomplished through induction (a large scale version of the Magma Charger which uses induction paddles to create a transformer in the car’s charger). 

    Anyhow, if anyone has better ideas (or can improve on the ideas that I put up), please comment or e-mail me with them….  Together, we can all make a difference.

Have a great day:)

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