Almost ready to take the Plunge into Linux for the week.

I’m in the last stages of getting ready for this.  All I really have to do now is configure my WMC to record what I want for the week, figure out how to blog from Linux, and figure out how to watch the shows in Linux (since they are recorded as wtv by default).

With a little luck, I won’t have to worry about watching them (as I’ll be able to watch them in real time). 

There are two caveats to this though.  I will have to spend 4 hours using Windows this week.  Solely because I’m tutoring at the college in their CCNA courses—and their computers are not set up for Linux.  With a little luck, the instructor will have them installed on Tuesday (Fedora, but oh well) and I can possibly do my tutoring in Linux then.

If I can’t figure out how to watch the shows in Linux, I may have to either switch over to Windows in order to watch them, or switch over to Windows in order to convert them to the ms-dvr format that XMBC can view.  Thanks Microsoft for NOT documenting the new format so other applications can use it. :@ (angry face, for those not familiar with emoticons).

One way or another, I will be blogging this week from Linux.  Either through the web interface, or hopefully through a client.  If you have any suggestions for blogging clients (or applications that can watch wtv movies) please comment.

Have a great day:)

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