About Pats Computer Services

The idea of Pats Computer Services was born in 2003 in MSN Chatrooms. People would ask how to do things on their computers. As more people would ask for the same information, it was easier to point them to a web page with the answer than type the answer out again. Plus as the information changed, it was easier to update it in one place than having to retell everyone.

As time went on and interests changed, the site evolved into what it is today. There are sections dedicated to Windows, Linux, Security, Computer Programming and Computer Networking. There are projects dedicated to IPv6 updating, learning Pseudocode and Logic. Some of the interests were beta testing for Microsoft and other companies, writing and editing the Ubuntu Manual as part of a team, and security. The repair side of Pats Computer Services formed out of co-workers and fellow students asking for help fixing various issues on their computers. Whether it was virus removal, hardware swaps, or just upgrading questions, the information was there for the using.


Pats Computer Services believes that the best way to help you with your computer is to help you to learn how to manage it yourself. Whether it be removing viruses, changing hardware, upgrading (and switching) operating systems, or just learning how to use the operating system; our goal is to empower you with what you need to know.  In short, our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to make your computing life easier.

Thank you for considering Pats Computer Services.