A Poll for anyone that wants to vote…

I’m curious about this, so I’m taking a poll.  There’s two questions to the poll.  My hope is that Microsoft may take notice of the interest, and choose to open the .NET Framework source code up, so the Wine and Mono developers will actually be able to perfect the projects.  This would benefit gamers, people who run Office, and people who run other applications that are “not Linux compatible” due to their need for the framework.  And it could benefit Microsoft, in that people who choose to install Linux on their older PC’s may choose to purchase copies of Office to run on them.

Here are the two questions….

1.  If you could run virtually any version of Microsoft Office on any distro of Linux (through Wine or Mono or another .NET Framework project), would you purchase Office and run it on your Linux box?

2.  If Microsoft offered a version of Office that was closed-source, but totally compatible with Linux (Office 2010 for Linux, for example), would you buy a copy and run it on Linux?

The Polls are in the sidebar since I’m writing the post in Live Writer, and can’t insert the poll here.  Also blogspot doesn’t allow you to insert polls.  You have to create “Page Elements” or “Gadgets” that include them.

Have a great day:)

Edited to remove “My intention” as I’m not sure how I’ll get the information to Microsoft—and to clarify a few things about why I’m doing this.

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