A Few Words about Fake Antivirus and Fake AntiSpyware (aka Rogue AV and Rogue AntiSpyware) Programs

A few minutes ago, I was reading an article about how one of the Rogue Antivirus programs is offering “Live Technical Support” as a way to con-vince people that it’s a legitimate program (the dash is meant to emphasize the fact that they are conning the users).  At one point in the article they mentioned how the Rogue Antivirus programs are still making a dent, because people are getting pop-ups that say your computer is infected (so they download the “fix”).

It boils down to one simple mentality.  If you are NOT (I repeat NOT NOT NOT) on a site that is related to Internet Security, antivirus programs, antispyware programs, or firewalls, then it’s a scam.  If you ARE on one of those sites and the product is not sold/offered by the company who’s site you’re on (or endorsed in the text of the articles or company’s links), then it’s a scam. 

Legitimate companies are not going to resort to placing pop-ups on other websites to promote their product.  They don’t need to.  If they’re legitimate, then chances are you’ll hear about them from magazines, blogs, recommendations from other websites, or word of mouth.  If they’re new to the game, then they will submit their product to sites for review.  They will get the word out—without having to “CON”vince you that you need it.

In short, we need to all get the word out to the average users.  “IF you are not LOOKING for information on Antivirus, Internet Security, Antispyware, or Firewalls; and a pop-up or Instant Message suddenly appears offering you these things, DO NOT ACCEPT THE OFFER!!!!! IT IS A SCAM.”

Please help spread the word.  It’s our responsibility to help the people who aren’t familiar with these scams to avoid being victims of them.

Have a great day:)

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