Yearly Archives: 2012

I’ve had this blog in this same location for about five or six years now. In that time, I’ve had three websites as well. One is still alive (well on life support) at The second was an Office Live website at The third was/is my personal home server […]

Taking the plunge

Welcome to my new site. If there aren’t any posts prior to this one, then it just means that I haven’t migrated everything over from yet. However that will be happening in the next few days or so. I’m glad you decided to stop by, and hope you’ll take […]

Hello world!

  Well the test is complete, unless someone can recommend a good blogging application that works either natively in Linux–or under wine. So far, the only program that’s meeting my expectations is the “Blog Entry Poster (Google Blog)”. I’ve even resorted to downloading and trying some Windows-based blogging applications. Most […]

The winner of sorts…

  This entry is in the “Blog Entry Poster” which may or may not be Google-blog. Unfortunately the drivel application runs my paragraphs together. That may be an issue/feature of the API, so it may happen on this tool as well. If so, I’ll have to try and use HTML […]

Testing blogs part two

I’m testing out some new blogging tools. When I reformatted my system, I lost the two tools that I had installed. So, I’m finding one that suits me. One problem that I had was that one of the two tools ran everything together as one giant paragraph. So, I’ll have […]

Testing blogging tools.