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If you haven’t heard this already, there was an incident where Google and about 20 other companies were hacked last month.  It allegedly is tied into the Chinese Government.  Because of this, a few things have taken place. Google is threatening to pull their Search engine out of China (at […]

Microsoft Releases Out of Band Update for Internet Explorer

I’ve completed the series on Programming, and am looking for new ideas.  Through my Feedjit widget, I can see what most people are searching for when they arrive here.  So, I’m asking for your suggestions. If you came here searching for some topic, did I cover it?  How could I […]

A Call for Ideas

How to protect yourself against the Chinese Google hack – Computerworld Blogs By now you probably have heard about the “Google Hack”.  If not, here’s a recap.  Earlier in the week, Google announced on their blog that they were hacked in November (along with other companies in the Financial, Technology, […]

How to protect yourself against the Chinese Google hack – ...

This entry is part 15 of 22 in the series Learning to ProgramOk so we’ve covered the first three stages (defining the “problem” with IPO charts and PAC charts, flowcharting the program, and pseudocode and/or UML diagrams for the program).  Now we’re on to actually coding the program in the […]

Learning to Program – (Stage 4) Coding