Yearly Archives: 2009

Brief 617 | Quickies No, this is not a sexual-related blog post.  This is a video clip of a speech that Cali Lewis did in Las Vegas about “Quickies” which is a productivity tool that was developed by Pranav Mistry from MIT.  It basically takes Post-It notes and integrates them […]

Brief 617 | Quickies

What is Hacking: an Overview “Hacking”—It’s the catch phrase of the media and the Information Security field now days.  But is all hacking bad? And was hacking originally a criminal activity?  This article looks at both of these questions and more. There’s a lot more to hacking than what the […]

What is Hacking: an Overview

Removing Viruses with System Restore When Windows XP came out, most advertisers for new PC’s talked about System Restore.  They discussed how it would enable you to roll back problems—including viruses.  This article explores that myth and gives you some insight into whether it’s true or not. Have a great […]

Removing Viruses with System Restore

What Is A Rootkit? If you’ve heard of the Sony/BMG fiasco with rootkits installed on some of their CD’s, or you’ve seen things like “Anti Rootkit” in your anti-virus program and are wondering what that is, this article explains the concept. I discuss the history of rootkits, some popular ones, […]

What Is A Rootkit?