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I finally downloaded Mozy tonight and am running it on my computers.  The installation took about 5 minutes or so (prolonged because it had to roll back a failed install that I didn’t know I had).  Then I was prompted with a configuration window. Mozy did a pretty good job […]

Online Backups—Mozy…

This is part one in a series of posts about online backup systems.  I’m going to look at what’s available, how much they cost, what limits are put on the user, and methods of accessing the system (clients).  Also I’ll discuss the ease of use of each system. The main […]

Online backup storage systems.

Last week I talked about how I found the XBMC program and was able to watch my DVD on my laptop with Kubuntu.  XBMC has been ported to Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and of course the X-Box.  But, how is it for watching recorded TV?  Tonight I decided to find out… […]

Watching movies on Kubuntu

Virginia Won’t Pay Hacker’s Ransom Demand – Recently a “cyber-criminal” (please note that I’m not using the overhyped and irresponsibly used term “hacker”) broke into the Virginia Department of Health’s database and stole a bunch of records.  The criminal claimed that they also deleted the backups of the records […]

Virginia Won’t Pay Hacker’s Ransom Demand –