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  Detecting Conficker | The Honeynet Project The Honeynet Project has a simple scanner on their site for detecting the Conficker infections.  It’s mainly recommended for Network Administrators, however you can use it for home systems (more aptly home networks).  They have some technical information about what you will see […]

Detecting Conficker | The Honeynet Project

Everyone seems to be doing daily or hourly updates on the Conficker worm.  Even if it’s only action on April 1 is to start looking at 500 domains instead of 250 (as it does now), it’s still the biggest thing happening in the Cyber World right now.  It’s not doom-and-gloom.  […]

Conficker updates

The ad service that I use is updating their system.  So, until they bring it back online, I’ll have the white boxes in the sidebar—mainly because I don’t want to take the information out.  With some luck, they’ll start working again soon.  Otherwise, I’ll have to replace the code. The […]

You may have noticed the blank boxes