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  Malware Gravitates to Social Networks This isn’t something new, as anyone who’s been on Myspace or Facebook knows.  But malware is definitely finding a home on social networking sites (digg, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc.) and causing problems.  The basic rule is that malware will go where the largest target-base […]

Malware Gravitates to Social Networks

This is an overview of Windows 7, including some of the dislikes and the features that Microsoft is offering. The public beta is in it’s last days for right now. Within the next day or two, you won’t be able to start downloading it, and by February 12, you won’t […]

Windows 7 Overview podcast

My first attempt at podcasting. I’m doing this to see how the system will work for me. With my working schedule and homework schedule (I’m taking courses online for my Information Technology BS), it’ll be easier to post here if I combine podcasts and written blogs. For people who aren’t […]

My First Podcast