Trying out Q10 (a blog writer, without the uploading capabilities)


It seems like a pretty decent application. It’s simple, with no frills or bells and whistles. Because I’m running it under wine, some features don’t seem to work properly (like the alarm). But that’s acceptable as it’s meant for one task—writing. As long as the other features work (such as the spell checking and saving of files), that’s all that matters.

Because it’s not an uploading capable tool, I don’t have to worry about the paragraphs running together. I’ll simply copy/paste everything into my blog at a later time, so I can “edit” as needed then. That includes uploading images/sounds/etc to the post.

As an update, the alarm and other features work. However, you can’t click the buttons with the mouse. You have to use the Tab key to move over to the buttons, and either tab or arrow to the one you want. Then you hit Enter, and it accepts the action. It’s a minor inconvenience, but not something to rule out an application that’s intended to ONLY run under Windows.

The interface is nice. It’s a simple black screen, with orangeish text. At the bottom, ti shows the character count, word count, page count, and the time and article name (on the right side). F1 brings up the help card, and Escape exits the help card. About the only thing that would be interesting to see, is if they would put the horizontal cursor in (like Ommwriter did). But that might come in a future release.

I think I found one of my new blog writing tools. I’d really like to see it combined with the ability to upload the articles. But, I honestly think that the creator intends this for writing manuscripts or short stories—not so much blog posts.

So, my winners are Q10 for quiet time writing, and Blog Entry Poster for uploading articles. I’ll still try other applications—and maybe I’ll find something better. As always, if you have a recommendation, please post it in the comments. One require is that it should have at least a limited free trial (or be free to use altogether). I’m not too interested in an application that I have to buy to find out if I like it. Especially if it’s an expensive application. If it’s something like $3.00, then I won’t be as upset about it, but if it’s $40.00 or some higher amount, then I’m not interested (without the free trial to decide if that’s an investment that I want to make).

Have a great day everyone.:)


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