12 Tips for an Organized Desk : Productivity501

12 Tips for an Organized Desk : Productivity501

I received this article as a tweet on Twitter.  Even though it’s two years old, it still has a lot of value.  And while my desktop is no where near organized, I’m planning on utilizing as many of these tips as I can. 

I’ve already got my cables tucked away, and typically I have my cell phone and bluetooth charging on my dresser.  I’m pretty confident that I can put most of these to use—although some may require rearranging my room a little.  I’m planning on moving my filing cabinet and the printer that’s on top of it over to the left-hand side of my desk (which is about a foot from me) instead of off the right-hand side.  Maybe this will encourage me to actually FILE the things that I’ve intended to file in the past…

If you have any tips that aren’t covered in their post, please comment to them (and leave a comment here as well).  I, and they, will be anxious to get more useful ideas from you.

Have a great day:)

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